Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Technorati Back Link Task

Well I guess if we need back links to survive and prosper we may as well get them from high PR authority sites like the one at my Technorati Profile

Also, some places links just stink but if you want the gems you have to dig in some dirt ;-)

One Way High PR Back Links from Authority Sites

What Backlink Bonanza will do for you is nothing short of miraculous.

It will produce One Way Links To Your Website from inside some of the Worlds foremost websites - and KEEP them there. If your website is brand spanking new it will produce at least one link, in most cases directly to the Top Level Domain Name of your site thus: If your site is established then any pages could be displayed according to the agenda of the Authority Site.

This is not a massive report filled with fluff and wordy stuffing. Time, both mine and yours, is too valuable for that.

This is NEW, explosive, secret, unstoppable information.

You can use it on any number of sites. Any number of times. I do recommend a strategy of not using them all at once but you will own this information so you may do with it as you please.

As all of these links are from Authority Sites there will be absolutely no penalty for acquiring them all at once. Hey some sites get a massive boost if news happens in their niche, it is expected and not penalized. That is what Backlink Bonanza appears like to the Search Engines. You made the news. Great.

You will need either two domains (one of which can be a Social Bookmarking account!) or a free website and a domain. The links should not originate from your site - the one you want a PR boost for - they should come from elsewhere. All is revealed in the Back Link Bonanza report.